Lamu Airport Transfers and Taxis

Lamu Airport Transfers Taxis

Learn more about Lamu Airport (Manda Airport) and everything you need to know about Lamu destination.

Learn more about Lamu Airport Transfers Taxis

Lamu Airport is also Known as Manda Airport is a small airstrip that serves the  Lamu Archipelago.

It is in the Lamu County of Kenya which is on the western shores of the Indian Ocean, within the territorial waters of the Republic of Kenya.

It is a popular beach destination in Kenya among the locals and foreigners.

It is strategically located close to virgin beaches and a quiet Swahili lifestyle.

The IATA code for Manda Lamu Airport is LAU.

The Attractions in Lamu Include;

  • Pristine beaches, the marine parks,
  • Dodori National Reserve
  • Lamu cultural festivals.

You can find many flights from Lamu Airport to popular domestic destinations as well as internationally through most popular airlines.

Some of the Airlines that fly to Lamu Include, Skyward Express, Silverstone and Jambojet. From Mombasa International Airport, Wilson Airport (WIL) and Nairobi International Airport (NBO).

Lamu Airport has 2 units that serve arrivals and departures.

The small airport is used mainly by private charters for tourism between the beach and the capital city.

You can find a complete guide for the airport here


Lamu Airport Transfers Taxis

You can get a boat or car transfer from Lamu Airport. Kindly contact us for the arrangement.

Hotels & Airport Transfers Taxis Accommodation in Lamu and Shela

There are several hotels from small to large 3-5 star hotels and some of them include;

You can browse and Book Lamu Hotels Here.

You can see a complete guide of accommodation here courtesy of Lamu Holiday Solutions

Please contact us for an arrangement of Airport Transfers Taxis In Lamu Destinations.

Properties in Shela Village (Beach)

1. Peponi Hotel – Shela village
2. Banana House – Shela village
3. Fatuma’s Tower – Shela village
4. Royal House – Shela village
5. Stopover Guest House – Shela village
6. Msafini Hotel – Shela village
7. Jannataan Hotel – Shela village
8. Baitil Aman – Shela village
9. Pwani Guest House – Shela Village
10. Star Guest House – Shela Village
11. Morocco House – Shela Village
12. Bahari Guest House – Shela Village
13. Sunset guest House – Shela Village
14. Hisani House – Shela Village
15. Forodhani House – Shela Village
16. Jasmin House – Shela Village
17. Bahati House – Shela Village
18. Waridi House – Shela Village
19. Mandakini House – Shela Village
20. Lajoya House – Shela Village
21. Nyumba Papaya – Shela Village

Properties in Lamu town (UNESCO Site)

1. Lamu House – Lamu town
2. Lamu Palace – Lamu town
3. Pettley’s Inn – Lamu town
4. Subira House – Lamu town
5. Jambo House – Lamu town
6. Queen House – Lamu town
7. Amu House – Lamu town
8. Kilimanjaro Guest House – Lamu town

Properties right on the Beachfront

1. Peponi Hotel – Shela village
2. Lamu House – Lamu town
3. Lamu Palace – Lamu town
4. Pettley’s Inn – Lamu town
5. Stopover Guest House – Shela village
6. Forodhani House – Shela Village
7. Bahari Guest House – Shela Village

Properties with Swimming Pools

1. Peponi Hotel – Shela village
2. Lamu House – Lamu town
3. Pettley’s Inn – Lamu town
4. Banana House – Shela village
5. Forodhani House – Shela Village
6. Msafini Hotel – Shela village
7. Jannataan Hotel – Shela village

Properties with Plunch Pools

1. Jasmin House – Shela Village
2. Waridi House – Shela Village
3. Fatuma’s Tower – Shela village

Properties with Yoga facilities

1. Banana House – Shela village
2. Fatuma’s Tower – Shela village

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