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Mombasa airport transfers

Mombasa airport transfers is our core business.

The coastal town particularly known for its tourist attraction.

As a city with a major airport, Mombasa receives a lot of visitors with varying airport transfer needs.

About Mombasa Airport

Moi international Airport whose IATA code is MBA is in the Kenyan coastal town of Mombasa.

It is mostly used by both leisure and business travelers going to various resorts in the Kenyan Coast, these are; Diani or Tiwi beach, Malindi or Lamu island.

Since it has international flights, you can fly directly to Mombasa using some of the airlines that serve the airports e.g. Kenya Airways, Turkish Airlines, Rwanda Air and so many more.

You can alternatively use the connecting flights via Nairobi International Airport.

Find Mombasa airport location, live domestic and international departures, arrivals, flight information, airline route maps, current weather forecast, list of airlines and all flights, airport transport Mombasa Airport here at the official KAA website: here

Mombasa Airport transfers

This Guide provides information on the various means of Mombasa airport transfers for the visitors.

It is particularly useful for first time travelers or just everybody who may wish to have more detail about the Mombasa airport transfers.

Mombasa airport, hereinafter referred to as MBA, is characterized by a relatively good transport network.

First of all it is important to understand that the city borders the Indian Ocean.

MBA Airport Transportation is characterized by all the three spheres of possible means of transport.

One can either use air, land or water.

This guide give detail on how one can use any of the available means of MBA airport transportation.

To help us understand better, this guide takes the example of MBA airport transportation from Mombasa airport to Diani beach.


This is the fastest means of transportation, not just for MBA airport transportation, but worldwide.

Where time is a precious consideration, then this is the choice.

There are 3 airstrips surrounding Mombasa airport namely. Only these areas would be served by this type within the MBA airport transportation.

For example, it would save you the agony of waiting on queues awaiting the ferry (the only means of crossing to the south coast from Mombasa airport).

However, it would not have been one of the options if it were not for the Ukunda airstrip.

It, thus, suffices to say that flying is not always the only option to fast travel in this area.

There may be some constraints, such as the availability of an airstrip in the area of interest.

Flying is mainly by Mombasa Air safari: It is mainly referred to as the air taxis.

An example would be a Mombasa to Diani beach taxi flying from Mombasa airport to Diani beach.

Others may include direct flights from Wilson airport (Nairobi) to Ukunda MBA transportation (UKA).

Although flying may be a choice for time saving and associated convenience, it is generally expensive as one of the means of MBA transportation.

For example, from Mombasa airport to Diani beach costs $50-$350 per person.

Compared to other means such as road, this could be 6 times more expensive.

Additionally, air taxis may not be readily available, particularly during late hours.

So for visitors who may land at Mombasa airport late, then, other means are a worthier consideration.

One other challenge of using this means is when the client has quite some luggage.

It is only more convenient when less luggage is involved. Air taxis only allow up to 35kg maximum.

Where luggage is involved, it is imperative to consider other means of MBA transportation as seen hereunder.


Water transport is particularly available when MBA transportation involves the south coast.

For example, it is the only means, other than flight, that you would use when moving from Mombasa airport to Diani beach.

Given it as the option of choice, one has to travel to the berth. This means that using this means involves using other means to get to the berth.


They usually the choice to get one to diani.

This means is the cheapest of all; provided one is moving to the south coast from Mombasa airport.

It would cost not more than 60 USD from Mombasa to the south coast.

Compared to flying, it would be over 10 times cheaper.

Although the best option in terms of cost. This means could be slowest.

This particularly so due to the longest time spent on the long queues of packing.

It is important to note that when traveling to areas other than the south coast or from the areas towards Mombasa airport, one could use the other means.

The most common alternative is the motor vehicle. This relationship makes MBA transportation complete with options that fit into the user’s situation.

Motor Vehicle

Motor vehicle forms the largest means of MBA transportation. It takes over 80% of the Mombasa airport transfers.

This is due to the flexibility and availability, to name just a few of the strengths of motor vehicle.

One will various forms of vehicles including the buses, tricycle (TukTuk), taxi cabs(cars), vans, to name just a few.

Before looking at it as an appropriate means, it is important for the guide to mention that there are two options in this category of the MBA transportation; the public means and the private.


This serves the general public. It uses fixed routes and fixed prices. It would be appropriate for people very familiar with the environment.

It would be a very cheap means of the Mombasa airport transfers. In fact, it be most appropriate.

Whereas it forms part of the Mombasa airport transfers, it not advisable for first time visitors. It mainly serves people familiar with the area

 Private taxis

This most used means of Mombasa airport transfers. It forms over 75% of the MBA airport transportation.

Private transfers simply means you get the MBA transportation services from a dedicated person.

This means is the most appropriate due to the custom services it offers to the clients.

Through this means, for example, you get to any place at any time, including across to the south coast by use of the of the ferry.

What is more is that they are very cheap. Being the means of choice for the most part of the MBA transportation, it is very important to for a user to understand the means very well so as to make clearly informed decision.

Private bus

These are buses dedicated to offer private transfers.

They are particularly suitable where many visitors/users are involved. More so, if they have quite some luggage.

It would be most appropriate for 15 to 30 people with/and/or relatively bigger luggage.

The cost is not more than 150 USD from Mombasa airport to Diani beach.

Working it over 20 people would make it as cheap as $12.

Compared to air taxi, it would be over $7000 for the same number of people.

In case people are slightly fewer than a bus, then a private van would be appropriate.

However, having a group of as many as 30 is not as common as having 3 to four or even less.

This is when the most commonly used means comes in; the taxi cab

Taxi Cab

This is the most commonly used of the Mombasa airport transfers.

Taxi cabs accounts for 75% of the Mombasa to Diani beach taxi.

It is readily available. It is the cheapest means by evaluation of cost and convenience combined.

For example, it would be easy for you to get a Mombasa to Diani beach taxi than any other means.

Whether night or daytime, a Mombasa to Diani beach taxi is always an available option.

It costs you $35-$50 from Mombasa airport to Diani beach when you take a Mombasa to Diani beach taxi.

The cost includes all the possible costs including the ferry costs.

That is, you pay for the taxi, sit in it and cross the Indian ocean in it to the south coast.

It would be even cheaper if you are two, three or four.

Compared to the Mombasa to Diani beach taxi by air, it would be more expensive. Multiply it by 4 to get about $800.

Taking a Mombasa to Diani beach taxi gets you exactly to your point of destination without additional cost.

On the contrary, the other means would require you to hire a taxi to drop you to your point of destination.

That is, taking a Mombasa to Diani beach taxi is more convenient for you as it gets you to the point of destination without alighting, unless necessary.

What makes it more convenient over going by ferry is all you need to do is hire a Mombasa airport to Diani beach taxi.

Luggage is packed only once and until your point of destination. This reduces the luggage handling inconvenience.

Taxis are the most readily available means of MBA transportation.

They are available at the airport both day and night, unlike flights as aforementioned.

If for example your arrival is at, you will still find a Mombasa airport to Diani beach taxi.

This availability makes it the most efficient of the Mombasa airport transfers of choice.

Regardless of the means of choice, one eventually finds themselves using a taxi in a way.

It is therefore a wise choice to engage with one before travel arrangements.

This would create certainty of all forms. For example, pricing, bonding with the area and far many other advantages that come with prearranged travel.

To talk to one, you can click here. When looking for the best professional providers in the MBA airport transportation sector, it is important to consider the following qualities:

Qualities of a good taxi provider in MBA airport transportation

Does not unnecessarily inflate prices for known destinations, knows the area very well, does not change agreed upon terms and conditions, including prices, and finally he/she should be a flexible provider.

If you need to see how it works, you can talk to a guide here to get more information about the MBA airport transportation and how to quickly get hooked with the most appropriate provider.

This guide has mainly used Diani beach as an example for comparing the Mombasa airport transfers.

Resorts in Mombasa include Mtwapa, Changamwe, ferry town, Vipingo, Kijipwa, Mamburui, Watamu, Malindi and many other areas.

The pricing for this areas from Mombasa airport can be searched in our booking engine that will populate the available transport options.

You will be able to get a taxi to any part just like you would get a Mombasa airport to Diani beach taxi.

Remember, taking a private taxi cab is more convenient as is negotiable. It depends on the circumstance.

Conclusively speaking, regardless of the desired means of MBA transportation, experience shows that one will always need to find a taxi in a way or the other.

Early booking makes the whole travel affair certain and to tailor made flavors.

Click here to talk someone who would give out more information about some providers within the MBA airport transportation network that could advise you on the best choice among the available Mombasa airport transfers or Mombasa to Diani beach taxi.